Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Accessing Diamond CS via Clickbank 

For the people who have problems accessing the sites via the Clickbank, there are several options which might cause this:
* In the HOSTS file updates there are several entries blocking Clickbank. Make sure you remove those blocking entries. Somebody told me he renamed his HOSTS file temporary to spare himself the search for the many Clickbank entries in that file, to be able to enter any link via Clickbank at all.
* I noticed you have to remove about all privacy blocking like the Privacy header information, allow banner advertisement, cookies, ActiveX, maybe java.
* Just adding Clickbank to the trusted zone in Internet Explorer might not be enough.
I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. On the other hand Clickbank is a known secure way for internet business where your private data and credit card is safe so one can safely lower some security.
Thank you for your business.
DiamondCS software

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