Tuesday, October 14, 2003

REVIEW: 11 port-to-process mappers (Security Administrator magazine article)  

A wonderful and very comprehensive review about port-to-process mappers, in which DiamondCS Port Explorer and OpenPorts (the commandline version) scored really high.

Roger A. Grimes (author of the famous book "Malicious Mobile Code: Virus Protection for Windows") has just released a new article for Security Administrator magazine. Possibly the first article of its kind to approach this subject matter, it looks into port-to-process mapping/port enumeration, and compares 11 programs (including Port Explorer, OpenPorts, TCPView, FPort and more).

Roger's conclusion: "The strongest contender in this comparative review is DiamondCS, with its GUI utility Port Explorer and its command-line tool OpenPorts. Sysinternals' TCPView is a good backup choice, if you can avoid the stability problems I experienced on NT. Foundstone's Fport is a good alternative to OpenPorts in the command-line port-enumerator field. But if you perform network security or administration for a living, you should have a copy of Port Explorer."

Full article

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