Monday, October 27, 2003

New program for DCS: Process Guard 

Today Diamond Computer Systems released a new program, Process Guard, which will guard your system's processes for unauthorised terminations like for instance by trojans.

New program available!
Diamond Computer Systems ProcessGuard

What is DiamondCS Process Guard?
DiamondCS Process Guard is an advanced security system that protects both system and security processes (as well as user-defined processes) from attacks by other processes, services, drivers, and other forms of executing code on your system. The first program of its kind, Process Guard is made possible by a kernel-mode driver that securely controls process-to-process access in a relatively simple but technically efficient, safe, and secure manner. Although Process Guard is a very powerful program due to its low-level nature, its intuitive graphical interface actually makes it very easy to use for both novice and advanced users alike.

Please understand that this is the very first release of this program, and due to its low-level nature, we're anticipating some minor issues to be discovered. If you do experience any issues, simply email admin@diamondcs.com.au
Also visit our support and information forum.
At this stage the only known issue worth mentioning is that, in some cases after you restart your computer, you may get an error message from Process Guard saying that it couldn't attach to the driver. This is a minor issue and can be ignored - it will be fixed in the next update, and after seeing the message box, you can simply run Process Guard manually and it will start up just fine.

We hope you enjoy the release of this new program - please help us spread the word!
Get to the site ProcessGuard and to the /processguard download pages for the free evaluation download and purchase!

In the meantime we're at ProcessGuard version 2.000 released 25 march 2004.

Recently in September 2004 version 3.000 was released, which deals with the XP SP2 issues and some more features and enhancements are included.

No single moment without this new layer in securing your system!

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