Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Diamond Computer Systems 

I publish here links where the software is available and where to get info and support.
The DCS products are top notch and support second to none.
Perth - Australia based company with long and deep experience, specialised in trojans and worms detection and protection.

Famous is their TDS, Trojan Defence Suite, a series of tools and utilities, scanners to detect all possible nasties on your system, trojans, worms, rats, backdoors, spybots, keystrokes, dialers, drats, downloaders, fight them and put right what is necessary. Warnings for registry changes and easy removal of registrykeys and alarming files. On the registered version is the exec protection available, the resident part which checks every file for possible malicious code before it gets permission to execute.
An other attractive extra is the ability to add scripts for own functions; in the Private TDS registered operators only forum are other operators working together on most interesting scripts.
TDS supports Microsoft (r)(c)(TM) speech and msagent technology enabling voice commanded or timed actions.
The radius detection scanner is the strongest, with daily updates (mo-fr).
Yet TDS is for beginners and power users both, using it as a one button click scanner or all the other 50 tools.
The current version is TDS-3, the version 4 family is in the build. Don't let this keep you from evaluating and registering the software as registered users are upgraded to TDS-4 for free. TDS is very well worth it's money!

Another strong product from DCS development is WormGuard, created to block worms and malicious scripts. Before it allows any suspicious file it pops up with a warning, telling you why it was blocked and enabling you to look inside the file in the safe mode without harming your system in any way.
WormGuard is working all in the bottom of your system without using any resources, till it jumps up on blocked code.
You can easily configure the blocking messages so all family or co-workers can understand what to do, or hide the "allow" buttons from other users. You can add file names to the blocking list and exclude areas and files from checking.
WormGuard 3 is the current version, version 4 is all rebuild from scratch into an even more powerfull tool with several additional functions, soon to be released for beta-testing. Don't let this hold you back to get the evaluation version and register your copy, as licensed WG-3 users are upgraded to WG-4 for free!

Port Explorer
The new tool from the DCS development, the first port-to-process mapper for all windows versions, including windows95/98/me. Translated in eight languages by native speakers, to make this already very easy to use tool even more understandable. In one blink of an eye one can see in the GUI all connections from and to your computer system, suspicious and hidden connections show up immediately in red, so you know which processes and sockets to give immediately closer attention. You are able to sniff on the data packets send to and from your system from every socket, you can block sending and/or receiving and kill unwanted processes and trojans. Every action is logged, also when you're not around your computer. A very nice tool where you can decide and save your eye candy settings.

DiamondCS created many tools, all available as freeware and some with a pro version too, like the
console tools
APM (Advanced Process Manipulation)
DiamondCS software

Accessing Diamond CS via Clickbank 

For the people who have problems accessing the sites via the Clickbank, there are several options which might cause this:
* In the HOSTS file updates there are several entries blocking Clickbank. Make sure you remove those blocking entries. Somebody told me he renamed his HOSTS file temporary to spare himself the search for the many Clickbank entries in that file, to be able to enter any link via Clickbank at all.
* I noticed you have to remove about all privacy blocking like the Privacy header information, allow banner advertisement, cookies, ActiveX, maybe java.
* Just adding Clickbank to the trusted zone in Internet Explorer might not be enough.
I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. On the other hand Clickbank is a known secure way for internet business where your private data and credit card is safe so one can safely lower some security.
Thank you for your business.
DiamondCS software

Sunday, August 24, 2003


This is my first webblog, intended to write about security on your pc, networks, internet as a whole, tools, software, tips about good software and where to look for more info. If you want to communicate with me find me in the forums mentioned in the sitebar, DCS, Wilders and Helpcomputer forums.
Let me know if you want to be added as a member to contribute to this webblog with interesting writings about computer and internet security and software tools for that.

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Diamond Computer Systems
Accessing Diamond CS via Clickbank

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