Saturday, June 19, 2004


Looking for encryption software? If you have any important documents you should DEFINITELY be considering it. It is very easy for others, such as family members, governments, police and hackers to see information stored on your computer.

What you need is a program which makes that data un-readable to anyone but yourself, this way you can keep those files on your computer like you would any file and be certain that no one else can view it. Even the military and your government.

CryptoSuite is a powerful encryption program that not only protects and encrypts data on your PC, but also allows you to have secure conversations and remove important information from your hard drive forever using secure file deletion.

CryptoSuite was in development for 15 months prior to it's first release and will continue to be updated into the future for free!

I definitely love the encrypted chat option in it, which you can host on your own PC in stead of some far away anonymous chatserver, you know what is happening, who you invite to login to your conversation on your system. Invite a whole group, friends, colleagues, family reunion, quick business meeting online from many locations. Think of secure conversations for business use.

Fire up Port Explorer and you can see the person logging in, check the datapackets in the socket spy, look in the Port Listen in TDS on that port and see the datapackets going by fully encrypted as they go over internet.
And of course Port Explorer enables you to end conversation with one person from a group while closing the host leaves not any trace your conversation ever existed on that whole big internet.


Pretty cool Jooske.

Well done!

Cheers, TAS
Thanks Tassie, so is your blog!
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