Saturday, February 21, 2009

Identity theft 

Dear visitors,
There is an abusive case of identity fraud / theft in the Netherlands.
A very abusive smear forum thinks to have me identified as a person with maybe the same name as somebody else and added all kinds of sensational gossip to the subject.
It is not me and i don't think all which was written belongs to the person either. If it all was true one should be aged at least two hundred years on Internet to be able to do all that and all at the same time and place. Impossible.
Probably a very frustrated webmaster and his blond angels.
So be warned. I take full distance of all that childish and abusive gossip which has nothing to do with me.
Of course criminal court is informed in the meantime. As identity fraud and stalking are supposed criminal activities even in the Netherlands. The webmaster has been identified plus his abusive team.
Very sorry for this unwanted confrontation. It's proof of staying away from the kind of forums.

Other people came with proof of being infected by visiting that forum, with trojans like win32/agent.BHO.trojan, which is used as a downloader and can be manipulated to compromise your system, alert.exe, which has the kind of options depending on it's programming, various keyloggers.
Further the webmaster collects all IP addresses for further abuse. If they come visiting from competitive fora he bans them immediately on IP and installs a trojan.
The kind of fora to keep far from ever in your life.

But i am not the person abused and smeared in that forum.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long time no see 

Dear visitors,
Due to many circumstances i didn't really update this blog.
Many changes occurred. For instance after a long pause DCS came up with new security software. No more trojan scanners which was the end of TDS, Trojan Defence Suite loved by many world wide. Which was for the world known trojan and virus definitions coder reason to change jobs.
Cryptosuite went with the developer Jason Annice to his new company Ghost Security where he created various fine programs as well.
Honestly said i lost myself somewhat in the new circumstances.

So for recent information about all these products and companies please visit the developers sites and the Wilders Security Forum.

People who asked (thanks for asking!) don't worry about me, I'm fine and busy not sure about my own next steps yet.
I do feel the nice warm and honest atmosphere ever in that forum and the stuff we were dealing with, the education and joy.
So if you're serious about computer security please keep frequenting those sites mentioned! :)
Thanks and till next contact!


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